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Enjoy Japanese Style Inn


What do you know about “Ryokans”?

What do you know about “Ryokans”?
Ryokans are Japanese style inns usually at hot spring resorts.
They are not just accommodation facilities where you stay overnight without meals. “Ryokans” have much more value and joy to stay at, such as experiencing authentic culture and hospitality. “The Ryokan” style is based on traditional Japanese style housing. There are “Tatami” floors in each room. When you sleep, you put a “Futon” on the “Tatami” which gives you deep sleep and good dreams. If you have time, you can enjoy hot springs or baths and local culture such as food. You can also talk with local people which you cannot get so easily just by visiting temples and famous places.

How to spend time in “Ryokan”

01 Check-in

02 Get relaxed in the Japanese authentic style room


Usually, Western style rooms have a separated living-room, bedroom and dining-room. However, Japanese authentic style room is all mixed together. You can relax and have dinner at the same place.
The regular plan: overnight with two meals (dinner and breakfast) “Ryokan” is not just about relaxing. There is a waitress who is called “Nakai”. “Nakai” attend you at all times. After your check-in, ”Nakai” prepares Japanese tea and Japanese sweets for you.
The dinner is provided at the room by them. You might enjoy talking with them about local stories. After dinner, they make the bed(Japanese style) while you go to the “Onsen”. You just experience there hospitality at a “Ryokan”.

Usually 2 to 3 people share a western style room. However, Japanese authentic style, there can be up to 4 or 8 people can staying in the one room. Of course you don’t share the room with strangers. It is a good opportunity for building friendships or family relationships.

★In Japanese style room ,pay for per person. Western style room, pay for per room.

Explain how to put on the Yukata

A “Yukata” is provided in the room. It lets you feel relaxed and you can enjoy a more Jpanese atmosphere. A Yukata is casual wear. You can walk around the Ryokan while you wear it.

1.  Put your hands through the sleeves. 2. Wrap the right side of the panels first. And the end of a collar should be put on the left waist. 3. Wrap the sash around the waist.
1. Put your hands through the sleeves.   2. Wrap the right side of the panels first. And the end of a collar should be put on the left waist.   3. Wrap the sash around the waist.

Hot Spring
Explain how to take a Hot Spring(Onsen)
Roten Buro

In Japan, “Onsen” is a refreshing way to spend one’s time. It usually contains chemical elements good for your skin. That is why everyone takes off all their clothes. You should wash your body first. After that, you can enter the ”Onsen”. Please enjoy Japanese “Onsen” to refresh, relax and for good health. Moreover, you can go outside the ”Onsen” which is
called a “Roten Buro” It is marvelous.
You can feel the Japanese season of the scenery, rising sun and beautiful night view with stars. Please do not hesitate from doing this. Once you have tried it you can understand the simple enjoyment of this Japanese tradition.

There are three rules when using the onsen:

Firstly, when you enter the “Onsen”, you can see the large bath. you put the water first.Secondly, there are shower and bath areas.Do not wash your hair and body in the bath You should wash in the shower area.
Lastly, people who have tattos, would not be allowed to enter the onsen, If you have one, you should hide it. Using tape, or bandage etc…
*Please avoid putting your towel in the bath and make sure there is no soap on your body.

03 Having dinner

Japanese authentic style room. You can choose where you would like to have a dinner in your room or in the restaurant. We provide fresh and seasonable foods.
In addition, our foods are all from Awaji Island.
Mainly, “Kaiseki-Ryouri” which you can enjoy various foods because we provide many small dishes.
“Nakai” will explain about each food, they are delicious.

Having dinner

04 After dinner

After dinner, you have several ways of enjoying your stay. If you still have a lot of energy, we would recommend that you sing songs at the Karaoke room, or play table tennis. They are open until 11pm. In Japan, when you play table tennis at the “Ryokan”, you should wear the “Yukata” which is provided in your room. It is very common style at a “Ryokan”. You may like it. Please try one.
The other way to enjoy your time after dinner, you can have a relaxation massage in your room or call room-service to drink local sake which is called “Jizake” or other alcoholic drinkssuch as Chu-hai. You can enjoy the sound of the sea from your room.

After dinner

After dinner

05 Going to sleep.

Good night. Enjoy the futon.

Having dinner

06 Having the morning bath and breakfast.

We open the “Onsen” from 5am, you can enjoy outdoor bath called “Roten-buro” whilist watching the sunrise. In the morning, “Nakai” will bring a nourishing breakfast to your room. You may enjoy your stay until the end. Check-out time is 10am.

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