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About Awaji Island

Weather in Awaji Island

  • Annual average temperature 15~17℃ degrees.
  • In comparison with other areas,
    there is little rain, and the snow does not fall very much.

What is Awaji Island?

  • Awaji is Island in Hyogo Japan. so, there are many fresh fish,the fish which was produced in the Seto Island sea. Also, there are a lot of fresh vegetables, because there is much nature.
  • Awaji Island is an island that could be the first in Japan. It is the myth of Japan.
  • The onion of Awajishima is No,1 in Japan because it is so sweetest and delicious.

  • Awaji beef born in Awaji island is famous and delecious.
    As for the Awaji beef, Yakiniku (roasted meat), Steak, Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu..etc..
    There are many kinds and we can enjoy Awaji beef.

  • The sea food bowl of fresh fish produced Awaji Island is very delicious.
    It is popular among Japanese.

  • There are many festivals throughout theyear.
  • We can enjoy malin sports in the summer.
  • Awaji Islands’ local people love fishing. We can catch a big fish.
  • Mountain, rice, field, field, Awaji Island full of the green.

  • There are a sea firefly and mountain firefly.
    The firefly is only in the pure river.

  • Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is the bridge which is the longest in the world.
    There is 3.911 km.

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